Top 3 Reasons Refrigerators Leak Water

October 25, 2015

Refrigerators Leak and Here’s Why

Refrigerators Leak

A leaking refrigerator.

Drain plug clogged or crimped

You can avoid this kind of water damage by following these few basic tips:

Make sure you always unplug the fridge prior to you working with it. It’s a very good idea to always review all the safety procedures when working with any appliance.

The most typical issue in a fridge that is leaking is a plugged drain. All frost complimentary fridges have a defrost cycle that melts the frost and ice that might develop on the evaporator coils and the water is carried off to a pan or tray situated beyond the fridge, typically beneath the fridge near the compressor.

In some fridges, this drain is quickly situated and can be cleaned up resulting in regular operation. A lot of fridges have this drain situated behind a back panel and will need some disassembly to access the drain.

Is it coming out of the freezer compartment, is it coming out of the fresh food compartment, is it coming from under the refrigerator, is it leaking from the back. How often does it leak water on the floor?

The Ice Maker is Leaking

The water is fed into the refrigerator through a port on the back. It is attached to a water valve and is typically situated on the bottom of the back of the fridge near the bottom can cause water damage to you kitchen floor or cabinets.

  1. The ice maker might be leaking in numerous locations:
  2. The connection to the water valve might not be tight or seated effectively
  3. The drain that brings the water to the ice maker might have a loose connection
  4. The ice maker might be defective and might be requiring excessive water frequently examine the ice bin for strong ice or an ice dam
  5. Drain that can be located in the back might be kinked and the water is spilling inside the freezer
  6. Turn the water off to the ice maker and see if that remedies the issue, if it does, then the leakage is someplace in the ice maker itself.

The Refrigerator Has Just Been Moved

The relocation might have a kink in the pipe that comes down or the pan itself if you simply moved the fridge to a brand-new area. Inspect to see that parts of the drain and pan are fitting correctly which the drain tube is not crooked.

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