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Update on the Space Baby Plumbing Project

September 12, 2015

litton-pest-projectWhen it comes to defining terms for a website like Space Baby, it’s important for all visitors to thoroughly understand what they can expect when coming to the site. In the first place, the phraseology may be unfamiliar to Space¬†users, as well as to Baby¬†users from several years ago, but your patience will be rewarded within just a few short weeks. Even so, we will endeavor to NOT make pests of ourselves as we plumb the depths, by troubling you either in your inbox, or by telephone. In any case, be sure to check back here frequently to see how things are progressing, and to determine at what point it will be possible for you to again log in using the data previously sent to you.

We also want to tell you how appreciative we are for your patience, and the loyalty you all have demonstrated during this difficult and unforeseen transitional phase.